About Us

This heritage clothing brand specializes in direct-to-consumer sales and proudly produces all of its products in Canada. With a focus on preserving and celebrating Canada's rich cultural history, the brand offers high-quality and long-lasting garments that embody traditional craftsmanship and timeless designs. By cutting out the middleman and manufacturing locally, the brand aims to provide customers with authentic and ethically-made clothing while supporting domestic industries and reducing environmental impact.

 The leisure class refers to a social class that refers to individuals who can afford not to work or engage in productive labor due to their wealth or privileged status. These individuals often partake in activities and pursuits that are considered nonessential or solely for pleasure, such as recreation, travel, and cultural experiences. The concept was introduced by sociologist Thorstein Veblen, who critiqued this class for its unproductive and wasteful behavior, contrasting it with the working class that performed necessary and productive labor. Overall, the concept of the leisure class highlights the divide between those who have the luxury of leisure and those who do not.