Padel Undergrip
Padel Undergrip

Padel Undergrip

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  • Perfect balance between comfort and efficiency: the multifaceted design expands the contact surface between hand and the handle. As a result, Undergrip generates between 8% and 14% more grip, depending on the overgrip used by the player. This means that the player can hold the handle with less effort and finger contraction, while the hand does not slip from the hand. 
  • Increases grip strength: the hand wraps the handle with an ideal grip. Each of its hexagons has two edges parallel to each other, which coincide with the interphalangeal joints of the finger. Two of the other edges of the same hexagon lie parallel to the finger, supporting it laterally.
  • More friction and finger support increasing control, power, and spin: Hesacore helps the correct and efficient use of the bottom three fingers to manage the swing of the paddle with the little finger representing the fulcrum around the paddle rotates while the index and thumb, on their part, are essential to control and speed up the rotation of the paddle head.
  • Helps for sweaty hands avoiding the paddle slipping from the hand: contrary to traditional grips, Padel players who use our grip appreciate the fact that the handle does not slip from the hands.
  • Play with less effort and finger contraction: when hitting the ball, the contraction of hand muscles (especially middle and ring fingers) is directly related to contractions also happening in the wrist and forearm. All this muscle activity affects the effectiveness of the shot, since a rigid and ripped movement would prevent the efficient transfer of energy to the ball.


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