Siux Fenix IV Lite
Siux Fenix IV Lite
Siux Fenix IV Lite
Siux Fenix IV Lite
Siux Fenix IV Lite
Siux Fenix IV Lite

Siux Fenix IV Lite

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Siux Fenix IV Lite, lethal attacks

Designed for advanced or professional padel players, the Siux Fenix IV Lite is the ideal hard touch padel racket if you are looking for power-packed strokes and aggressive attacking plays.

It has a diamond shape with a high balance, so you can enjoy a huge power to have a higher point of impact that allows better control in shots such as smashes or auctions. You will hit with a high effectiveness at the red.

In addition, thanks to its weight, which ranges between 355 and 375 grams, you will enjoy great freedom of movement, lightness and agility when moving around the court.

Elasticity and versatility

If we focus on its composition, it is worth mentioning the 3K Twill carbon in the planes, as it is a hard and resistant fiber that does not flex excessively and requires less effort to recover its original shape after impact, which extends the life of the padel racket. The Twill weave is composed of diagonally interwoven yarns, which allows for a more open position and greater elasticity.

The surface also has a matte finish and 3D relief, which means the ball can grip better and spin faster for more spin.

The frame, on the other hand, is made of 3K Carbon, which provides great control and precision when hitting. Meanwhile, the core incorporates EVA Hard rubber, a dense and hard foam that generates power and absorbs the vibration of the impacts in an optimal way. It also provides versatility and extra stability.

Optimal joint protection

As additional details, we can mention the Dual Pro Grip and Dampeners Shockout technologies. The first consists of a grip made of FOAM rubber, which favors a more comfortable, firm and natural grip, and the second is an anti-vibration system that improves overall sensations and provides comfort and protection to the player.

Balance: High
Core: Hard Eva
Face: Carbon 3k
Format: Normal
Hardness: Hard
Level: Advanced / Competition
Finishing: Matt, 3d Spin
Shape: Diamond
Surface: Rough
Game Type: Power


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